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These Are 3 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for At-Home Bakers

Baking is a fun, delicious way to pass the time at home, delight your family and friends with new treats, and sharpen your cooking skills. Not to mention, baking also relieves stress. Given these perks, it’s no wonder so many Americans love to bake! If you’ve been baking more than ever before, and you’d like to take your craft to the next level, here are three great baking tools to add to your arsenal.

Digital Scale

Weighing your baking ingredients is key if you want to get a perfect result every time. This is especially true when it comes to flour, yeast, and other critical ingredients. The most accurate way to measure is by using a digital scale, which can tell you the exact measurement of wet and dry ingredients. Buy one, and you’ll soon find yourself using it for far more than just baking.

Offset Spatula

The frosting makes just about every baked good ten times better. However, it can be difficult to achieve that professional, perfectly smooth look when you’re working with a butter knife. Take your baking game up a notch with an offset spatula, which is great for frosting baked goods and spreading batter into pans. You can also pull them out at breakfast when they’ll be put to good use spreading jam on toast or butter on pancakes.

Pastry Brush

Pastry brushes are a must-have if you want to delicately and quickly apply an even coating of egg wash to your baked goods – also known as the stuff that gives pastries their color and shine. This inexpensive tool will help bread get that sought-after golden crust and will make quick work of topping delicate pastries with butter or frosting.

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