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4 Things You Should Avoid Storing on Your Kitchen Counter

Your kitchen counter may be a catch-all space, utilized not only for cooking and cleaning but storing valuable items and belongings. Though we certainly understand the allure of allowing your kitchen counter to be the central hub of your apartment, there are simply some things that shouldn’t be stored there permanently. Play it safe and pull these 4 things out only when you need to use them.


Sure, everyday kitchen appliances have likely earned their spot on your kitchen counter. But, what about all those random appliances you hardly ever use? According to MasterBrand Cabinets, appliances are the biggest culprits of stressful kitchen clutter. Store them somewhere else until you need them.


Like to keep your spices right where you can see them? Though this may make cooking easier, it’s not the best route to take, if you want to clear the clutter from your kitchen and sustain the life of your spices. Heat and light can reduce their potency over time, changing their flavor and rendering them useless.


These days, just about everyone prepares meals with the assistance of either a smartphone or smart speaker, like Amazon Alexa. However, keeping these devices on your kitchen counter 24/7 ups the chances that you’ll accidentally damage your gadgets with water or food residue.

Important Documents

You might store bills and other important papers on your kitchen counter, where they’ll remain in your line of sight. Yet, though you might be afraid to forget these materials should you place them elsewhere, it’s highly likely that documents will endure water or grease stains if left on your counter for long.

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