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Here Are Beautiful Flowers That Can Grow Extremely Well in Shaded Areas

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If you consider yourself a home gardener, you know just how challenging it can be to give all of your plant's equal access to sunshine. In fact, depending on the exact position of your apartment home, you might get hardly any strong, direct light, but rather plenty of comfortable shaded areas. This doesn’t have to spell disaster for your plants! Several potted plants thrive in the shade. Here are 3 types of flowering plants that will flourish in your home’s shaded areas.


With full, round flowering heads, Hydrangeas are noted for their effortless beauty and eye-catching colors, which range from pink to blue. They’re also a breeze to care for in shaded areas, preferring to spend their mornings in the sun and afternoons in the shade. Just be sure to give them enough water – these plants require plenty of hydration and need ample space to spread their roots.


Do you always get a little sad when, in the winter months, your small collection of flowering plants starts to look dull and lifeless? Then, consider adding a Hellebore to your miniature garden. Hellebores are perennials that grow about two feet tall, are drought-tolerant, and do well in the shade. Best of all, they produce beautiful flowers that can be white or light pink to deep purple.


Pretty, colorful blooms reminiscent of tropical flowers are what you will get with Columbine plants. If placed outside, Columbines will even attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Columbines are easy to grow and very adaptable to climate conditions. Columbines will also self-seed in the shade, so be sure to house them in a large pot that will accommodate its growth.

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