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It Is Easier Than Ever to Infuse Your Own Olive Oil with These Simple Tips

If you’re thinking of stepping up your recipe game without the hassle, infused olive oil might be the way to go. Infused olive oils can elevate any meal. Don’t believe us? Just try to live without lemon or rosemary-infused olive oil after you’ve tasted it in your favorite pastas, salads, and/or main dishes! Though you can certainly purchase a bottle of pre-infused oil, it’s easy to create your own infusion at home. Here are a few simple tips to follow if you’re interested in infusing your own olive oil for a deeper flavor profile.

Gather your container and tools.

For best results, you should set aside a glass bottle for your newly infused olive oil. Be sure that your container has a sturdy lid and is large enough to contain your mixture. You’ll also need access to a range and saucepan. Finally, if you’re working with herbs, consider purchasing a fine mesh strainer, which will help you purify the oil when the time comes.

Select your infusion of choice.

There are many different routes to take when it comes to infusing olive oil. You can add zest with citrus peels, throw in a few stalks of rosemary, or add a variety of natural herbs for a delicious hodgepodge of flavors. Garlic is another great, all-purpose flavor. Feeling adventurous? Try chilis for a subtle spicy flavor that tastes great with Mexican and Latin food.

Mix it up!

Infusing olive oil is quite simple: all you have to do is heat your oil and the infusion mix of choice (lemon, pepper, herb, etc.) over your stove. Simply pour ¾ cup extra virgin olive oil in a medium saucepan and add citrus rinds, herbs, garlic gloves, or chilis to the pan. Allow the mixture to warm over low heat. Be careful not to let the mixture boil or splatter. Once heated through, strain out your additional ingredients, and pour the newly infused oil into a clean, dry glass bottle.

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