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6 Low-Effort Ways to Burn 100 Calories

When it comes to losing weight, small steps add up to big changes. Considering that you could lose up to 10.5 pounds per year solely by burning an extra 100 calories a day, it’s no wonder many of us are on the lookout for new ways to get moving. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to burn 100 calories, and you can easily accomplish it within a day. Here are 6 genius ways to shed a few extra calories every day.

Grocery Shopping

Need to restock your kitchen? You'll burn 100 calories in a 38-minute trip to the grocery store. Unload your groceries and carry them inside, and you’ll burn another 100 calories.

Making Dinner

Pick a recipe that requires chopping and you can turn meal prep into a mini workout session! Cook for 35 minutes and you’ll burn roughly 100 calories.

Jumping Rope

Dig out your dusty jump rope to torch calories and burn fat. Slow-paced jumping burns 100 calories in 11 minutes. It'll only take about seven minutes if you jump faster.

Walk Your Dog

Take Fido for a walk and you’ll discover an enjoyable way to shape up! In a half-hour of dog walking, you’ll burn 100 calories, and your dog will reap countless physical and emotional benefits, too.

Play Golf

Golf may be a low-impact sport, but you can burn calories if you stay on the green for longer than 20 minutes. That’s how long it takes to burn 100 calories if you’re carrying your clubs and walking around.

Go Fishing

Many consider fishing peaceful and stress-free. However, you can still burn 100 calories by fishing for approximately 30 minutes.

Mission 106 Apartments in Leawood, Kansas goes out of our way to ensure that you live the lifestyle you have always desired and deserved. These helpful tips go beyond the scope of services we offer in our community, in order to provide you with a more efficient routine.

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