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Here Are Three Podcast Apps to Enjoy in Your Downtime

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Speaking of suggestions, you might need a new source of entertainment if you find yourself nearing the end of your Netflix queue. Luckily enough for you, there is never an inconvenient time to get into a new podcast. Not sure where to begin? Check out these three great podcast apps below that are available on both iOS and Android devices!


Stitcher is quickly becoming the go-to app for podcasts. Stitcher users enjoy using the app to create playlists, stay up to date with the latest podcast-centric news, and receive suggestions for more content. Stitcher also offers free and premium versions, with the most expensive option costing $4.99 a month. In other words, Stitcher offers plenty of entertainment for a very small price tag.


Spotify isn’t just a choice app for finding new music and listening to your old favorites. The app also boasts an extensive podcast selection, with many popular and niche titles to choose from. Spotify offers both free and premium versions, with ads enabled for free subscriptions. Premium versions can cost as much as $15.00, but there are discounts available for qualifying users!


Users love Soundcloud for discovering the newest underground music, and now, they can listen to great podcasts, too. Ideal for users interested in consuming peer-to-peer podcasts, Soundcloud is your go-to if you want to listen to friends’ podcasts, find other user-generated podcasts, or upload your own. Not to mention, given its status as the world’s leading music discovery platform, you can bet that the app’s musical offerings will keep you well occupied, too.

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