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Smart Products That Will Help You Get Better Sleep

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Better sleep is something that everyone seems to be after. According to a study by Consumer Reports, 80 percent of Americans report experiencing sleep troubles at least once a week, and 50 percent report having trouble staying asleep. Yet, these days, Americans seem more determined than ever to achieve good sleep, spending billions of dollars on high-tech products designed to give them sweet dreams. Here are a few of our favorite mid-range products, which can be purchased online.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains

Price: $28.99 at Amazon

As you’ve probably experienced first-hand, trying to sleep in broad daylight can be very difficult. But, did you know that even bright streetlights can impact the quality of your ZZZ’s? Make your bedroom a sleep-inducing oasis by purchasing Eclipse Blackout Curtains, which add a decorative touch to the room while blocking over 99 percent of intrusive light and reducing unwanted noise.

Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow

Price: $69.99 at Walmart

Tossing and turning? The root cause might be stress-related, but you can bet that your old, lumpy pillow isn’t helping matters, either. Consider upgrading your pillow from one that provides lackluster support to one that will provide a multitude of benefits, like the Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow. It has cooling gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill for great sleep night after night.

EyeBuyDirect Digital Protection Glasses

Price: $25.00 at EyeBuyDirect

When it comes to getting good sleep, the environment isn’t everything – nighttime habits are also important. One of the most cost-effective things you can do is wear a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, like the Digital Protection Glasses from EyeBuyDirect, while indulging in your nightly Netflix habit. Doing so will prevent blue light from stimulating your brain, which needs time to wind down before resting.

At Aviator Apartment Homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we understand your need for an apartment living experience that keeps you in the loop with recipes, health hacks, and wellness tips. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest, must-know information.

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