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8 Types of Excuses You May Be Making to Avoid Your Goals

There are many ways to talk ourselves out of doing something. At times, it’s true that your body or mind needs a break, and that rest or inaction is the better option. All too often, though, we find ourselves guilty of making excuses for our behavior or to justify doing or not doing something.

It’s natural to make excuses for something we don’t truly want to do – whether it’s something as small as making a dinner reservation, or as large as accepting a new job or taking on a weight loss journey. However, many types of excuses can be unhealthy. Keep an eye out for these 8 types of excuses. If you find yourself guilty of making them too often, consider how to rectify the problem at hand, like clarifying what it is you want to do, withholding a guilty pleasure if you don’t stick to your goals or enlisting a friend to help keep you in check.

1. The “I Don’t Care” Excuse – You convince yourself that you don’t need or want the goal at-hand (even though you really do).

2. The Passive Excuse – You begin to believe that your situation is beyond your control and can’t be helped. You ask yourself, “Why bother?”

3. The Genetic Excuse – You were born this way and can’t improve your situation, no matter how hard you try.

4. The Victim Excuse – Nothing is your fault, and everything can be traced back to someone or something else.

5. The “Everyone Else” Excuse – This one is all about herd mentality! “Everyone else is consuming alcohol during the pandemic, so why shouldn’t I?”

6. The Past Precedent Excuse – You ration that, because you’ve tried your goal before and never made it work, there’s no way you will find success.

7. The “How Things Are” Excuse - You believe that this is just how the world works. Therefore, what you want is not possible for you to achieve.

8. The “I’ve Done Enough” Excuse - You believe that you have done too much in a day and that one more activity might break you.

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