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Items to Buy (and Skip) During Black Friday 2020

Black Friday shopping is typically an event that requires plenty of energy, endurance, and strength – hey, you never know who you will need to elbow out of the way to score that mega-discounted item! Yet, with the pandemic still in full swing, Black Friday 2020 will likely be something entirely different, with specials and “doorbusters” that are carried out entirely online.

Because you won’t have to physically show up in-store to shop, you might find yourself tempted to click and shop mere moments after the Thanksgiving table is cleared. However, there are a few things you should wait to save more money later. Here are 5 items to skip and shop this Black Friday.

Buy: A New TV

If you’ve been eyeing a new TV for your apartment home, Black Friday 2020 will likely be an opportune time to pick one up! Black Friday is notorious for slashing prices on televisions, and this year, you can expect to find a 4K version for the same price as earlier, not-as-high-tech models.

Skip: Jewelry

Want to know a little secret? Jewelry prices are the best around Valentine’s Day, not Black Friday. So, if you’ve got your eyes on a piece of fine jewelry, don’t buy it this fall – wait until early next year, when retailers will be eager to move more product, in anticipation of the year’s most romantic holiday.

Buy: Budget Computers

Looking for a new Dell, Acer, or HP laptop? Plan to purchase these goods on Black Friday. Like TVs, retailers want to move budget computers ahead of the holidays. So, you’ll likely stumble across a few great deals. (For example, a Best Buy doorbuster last year gave shoppers $300 off a Microsoft laptop.)

Skip: Premium Technology

However, if you’re in the market for a premium laptop or computer, like an Apple MacBook Pro, Black Friday is not the time to make the purchase. In fact, in these instances, it’s better to wait until new models are released. That’s when brands will discount older, but still relatively new, products.

Buy: Fitness Gear

Get yourself in tip-top shape with fitness equipment purchased on Black Friday! Unlike previous years, COVID-19 has pushed many people to begin working out at home. Experts believe that brands will respond to this trend this Black Friday so that consumers can purchase their big-ticket items ASAP.

Mission 106 Apartments in Leawood, Kansas is committed to making sure that our residents can live their best life! By taking advantage of our tips & tricks, we hope that you can easily maintain—and even improve— your normal routine.

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