• ‘ Every day since I’ve moved in, I’ve felt as though I live in a 5-star hotel. EPC has really created something special in this property. I have had the good fortune to live in some very nice communities during my career and 106 takes the cake. The building is beautiful, the décor elegant and the amenities convenient, plus, there is such a sense of community among the residents here that is unlike most rental properties. But what really puts 106 over the top is the management staff which is absolutely incredible. I have high expectations for customer service, especially for something as important as where I choose to pay to live. “Team 106” not only meets those expectations, but exceeds them handily. Nicole, Osmar, Cheryl, and Will are truly a “dream team,” and I see each going above and beyond on a consistent basis. I’m convinced I live at the finest leased address in the KC metro and I just want to say thank you and congratulations to you and your team for creating such a uniquely awesome community. ’ - David

  • ‘ Thanks for all you do to make us feel at home. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! ’ - Joan and Jean

  • ‘ Thanks for all you do to make Mission 106 a great place! – -A Grateful Resident ’ - Stephen

  • ‘ Thank you for all that you do for us…the repairs, the clean halls and most importantly…the wonderful smiles! ’ - Mary, Paco and Hershey

  • ‘ As we all know, moving can be a huge hassle and very stressful. Thanks so much for making the transition smooth and simple. I greatly appreciate your kindness, patience and chocolate! ’ - Michele

  • ‘ I have been very impressed with the level of care and customer service you guys have given here at Mission 106. I’ve only been here for two months, but feel like I am in a nice hotel. The staff has been so helpful and friendly. ’ - Victoria

  • ‘ Mission 106 has been an outstanding apartment living experience. Respectful and friendly neighbors, outstanding amenities, and a world-class property management team made our moving transition stress free and welcoming. Our 2nd floor apartment has high ceilings, and a beautiful open floor plan. Our apartment is also very well insulated (if not sound-proof); during the hottest months of the summer, our electric bill remained under $45.00. Mission 106 also... has a terrific fitness area and great location. If you're new to the area, Mission 106 is footsteps from terrific restaurants and shops (including cycling, hair salon and spa, art gallery, floral and home decor). Trader Joes, Hen House, and Price Chopper are minutes away, too. With excellent security and easy access to Interstate 435, we couldn't ask for a nicer apartment community to live in. ’ - Lawrence & Randy

  • ‘ Been living here for two months now and absolutely love it! Staff is wonderful. ’ - Lawrence & Randy